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Program Title #6

Customer Service – 8 Hour

8 Hour Customer Service Training

Overview of Training:

  • Certificate of Achievement & Completion
  • 8 hour Customer Service course to prepare Security Officers, Loss Prevention Professionals, and “others” for customer relations in a broad range of industries and may be customized for specific industries and/or situation for employment in customer service or any position requiring contact with the public.
  • Upon completion of this course students will demonstrate personal behaviors appropriate to the workplace; be able to identify and meet employer and customer needs; work effectively with others; demonstrate effective communication skills; and the ability to operate essential equipment; demonstrate necessary, organizational skills.
  • Occupational & Personal Safety & Health 2 hours
  • Career Opportunities & Requirements & Job Acquisition Skills; 1 Hour;
  • Employer Expectations 1 hour
  • Human Relations Skills & Communications Skills 2 hours
  • Quality Customer Service 2 hours
  • Organizational Skills 1 hours

  • Total Clock Hours: 8 Hours
  • Cost: $100